Productivity Analytics

Get all-in-one

  • communication and work processes
  • teams and the intensity of their cooperation
  • employee experience and wellbeing

Appropriate measures. All individual data are anonymized.

Performance metrics

Empower managers and executives of large distributed teams and speed up organizational transformation projects. View aggregated reports by departments and business units.

Omnicontext automatically collects and analyzes the data related to work time efficiency, organization and communication, and technology adoption.


Work time usage

Start clever time management. Prove the real amount of time spent in various work activities.
  • Time for meetings, mails, calls.
  • Time and effort invested in customers, peers, managers
  • Patterns of physical and virtual meetings
  • True picture of work performed out of office and outside business hours


Discover communities, real leaders and their impact.

Analyze how formal and real working communities correlate and how they change in the course of organizational transformation projects.


Recognize and foster productive behaviors

New ways to collaborate and to work remotely come with high expectations and esprit of efficient work patterns.

Omnicontext improve productivity in the digital workplaces. It allows

  • Mapping between business performance of teams and their work culture.
  • Planning of office space, meeting rooms, and personnel relocation.
  • Identification of productive and unproductive behaviors and cultures.

Personal Analytics

Get everyone engaged in the improvement of work habits and culture. Individual insight made available to each employee.

EVERYONE can view average productivity and performance metrics for the company or business unit, and compare them with own data in Personal Analytics.