make technology usage measurable

Monitor technology adoption in the workplace. Make work patterns clearly visible. Timely identify compliance and security events

decisions with real data

Make better decisions faster with technology usage data on-hand at all times. See info like use of communication tools and collaboration platforms for a more up-to-date and accurate view of your business.

Omnicontext includes mapping of all reports to business units, locations, job functions.

All individual data can be anonymized if required.


  • Users
  • Transactions numbers
  • Resources
  • Inventories

Stay one step ahead

Changing balance between on premise and cloud apps

Use of new collaboration techniques

Reduce the mail and meetings overload

control security

security-specific metrics

Stay protected by getting accurate and appropriate diagnose of unusual devices and applications usage.

Omnicontext always keeps supervised:

  • Home office and own device usage vulnerability
  • Problematic mail engagement and interaction
  • Mobile device recommended usage patterns
  • Documents sharing

Omnicontext indicates possible issues and sends alerts.