key aspects of critical operations

Enterprise-wide dashboards visualize data on major resources and infrastructure, customized for various business units and user roles.

Integrated end-to-end view of applications performance and usage, consistent and harmonized across all platforms and devices.

3 perspectives of measuring

  • Health of underlying system resources
  • Uptime of the service
  • End-user experience monitoring

availability controled

Take advantage of full system-level monitoring with Omnicontext: Windows, Linux, hardware health, DNS, IP connectivity, and more.
Maintain enterprise-grade scalability, security, and privacy.

core value

end-use experience

Verify that users can actually work with applications and execute their regular actions as expected.
Omnicontext includes a broad choice of individual actions performed by users during their work: accessing applications and services, creating and sending emails or meeting invitations, placing calls, or sharing files across collaboration systems.
The measurements are performed from selected locations: different places within the enterprise environment, or even directly on users’ workstations.
It is the single most meaningful metric to assess cloud provider services.