Digital Workplace Productivity and Operations Analytics


Can Productivity be Measured?
Yes. Today it is possible to know how organizations use their time and which work patterns are efficient. The digital footprint of business actions can be analyzed with Hypersoft state-of-the-art methods.

Employees benefit from the deeper understanding of their working style, and executives see the big picture of successful habits and encourage them throughout the company.

We make success measurable
for professionals, teams, and organizations



Architecture of Productivity Analytics

Critical information on adoption and usage of digital technologies
End-to-end analysis and real-time performance metrics

Omnicontext Enterprise Analytics

Omnicontext™ is a product for managers and for all members of organizations

The managers receive summaries and detailed data related to their projects and responsiblities.
All persons in a business can see how the company and its services work for them.
Everyone can view average productivity and performance metrics for the company or business unit, and compare them with own data in Personal Analytics.


identify groups or teams, map them to the intended organizational structure, and follow their evolution during periods of change


quantify time spent for creating business value and time lost for unnecessary activities, change their balance towards higher work efficiency


capture the difference between efficient and inefficient processes, develop the work culture focused on efficiency and success

Business Cases for Productivity Analytics


Personal Places Personal Facts

Omnicontext™ Personal Analytics listed on Getapp as
enterprise smartworking software for productive workplaces

Personal Analytics user experience award 2017

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